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Ralf Kesper on Pause
I hope that too.

pepper on Lava beach
Beautiful :)

Luca on Fried fish
wow nice pic! where did you shoot it?the place reminds me the Fishmarkt in hammburg, where you can eat some tasty fried ...

taffer on No Snowdogs
A real eye catcher, composition and color contrast is wonderful, it actually has that extra 'something' that ...

Option on Jameos del Agua
Great, i like this shot! Salut!

Kaveh on White stripe
Beautiful, Simple, White, Soft!

Evelyn on Fixing a nose
Cute =)

JTF on Lava beach
O wat heerlijk, wat zou ik daar graag willen zijn op dit moment, gewoon lekker lopen, liggen...maar wel met mijn ...

Calusarus on Lava beach
Lava and pebbles… A nice composition, with such an unusual color for sand…

Shelby on Hot chocolate & pea-soup
i think this is so cool. it makes me want to visit different countries and learn about them :]

PeterFH on Lava beach
It would be lovely walking barefoot here. Here in Gothenburg we have melting snow today Monday. Nice shot.

Marhilde on Lava beach
Geeft toch wel een vreemd gevoel dat zwarte zand. Mocht je niet beter weten, zou je denken dat het vervuild is.

Daryl on Lava beach
Love the smooth shiny boulders! A very interesting location.

Zygene on Lava beach
Une magnifique lumière et cote naturelles.

mo.langel on Lava beach
Un excellent cadrage et un superbe rendu des ces galets mouillés! Très belle image!

ONOJI on White stripe
This picture is well composed. (thanks for your visit and comment)

Kaveh on Lava beach
very nice, I liked that black sands a lot!

Mathilde on Lava beach
Beautiful beach! Longing for summer.

yiannis krikis on Lava beach
excellent seascape

Diane Schuller on Lava beach
very well composed and is that 2 people I see? If so, what an added bonus. I always thought the sand there was white or ...

willow on Lava beach
Beautiful beach! Great composition.

Kathryn on Lava beach
nice composition and i like the changes in texture in the gorgeous black sand.

manel on Lava beach
Espero hacer esta foto y muchas otras. El dia 17 marcho una semana a Lanzarote y el 24, otra semana a Tenerife. Tengo ...

manel on Lava beach
Espero hacer esta foto y muchas otras. El dia 17 marcho una semana a Lanzarote y el 24, otra semana a Tenerife. Tengo ...

Paul van der Meer on Lava beach
Prachtig Alphons, evenwichtige en sterke compositie!! Die mensen hadden op tijd hun kleren aan ;-) Groeten, Paul

chrissy on Lava beach
good composition, dont often see the sand this dark, makes a change!!

Rachel on Giving a fright
Plutôt inhabituelle cette cachette. ;o))

laur on Lava beach
Beau paysage, belle composition !

Denise on Lava beach
The sand there look very interesting, black. Is it soft or rough? Beautiful shot.

Annie Viguié on Lava beach
I love this blue for the sea and this grey for the pebbles !

Charles on Lava beach
Interesting beach shot. Don't often see lava beaches. Nice.

Howard F. on Lava beach
That's a beautiful beach, very different from what I am used to. I would love to have one of those boulders in my ...

Observing on Lava beach
A gorgeous shot, and the colors are wonderful.

Emilio Garcia on Fried fish
Wonderful market photograph. The B&W format just adds the special touch of this excellent candid shot

Laurent on Lava beach
as said by others, this beautiful picture is very well composed, especially thanks to the foreground rocks

Vinman on Fixing a nose
A great portrait of concentration.

Vinman on Icy kiss
Surprising how well you can tell a story without seeing any faces. Nice shot Alphons.

grant on Fried fish
well done slice of life

grant on Lava beach
really fine composition

Pamela on Lava beach
ah, wonderful volcanic beach :)

Ninni on Lava beach
Lovely composition and nice colours!

Zygene on Lava beach
Un très joli coin naturel.

Manel on Lava beach
Incredible textures on the beach, exelent composition and very wel lightened. Five stars to you today.

vu@granby - Wolfgang on Lava beach

Ronnie 2¢ on Lava beach
Those dark beaches are rather strange, at first . . the conventional composition suits this perfectly.

Ana Lúcia on Lava beach
A very different beach.

lydia on Lava beach
Black sand is strange , I like this picture !

kerfendal on Lava beach
black beach, it would have been funny to have some pink skins taking a sunbath, lovely shot

Steve Rice on Lava beach
Love that black sand. I like the beach combers down the beach.

Ada Panich on Fried fish
Great candid shot, Aphons!

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